Anne Louise O'Connell
Author * Editor * Mentor 

Mental Pause

"Abbie is riding the hormonal rollercoaster and hanging on for dear life. She finds herself in a body she no longer recognizes, a marriage that feels overwhelming and she questions her very sanity. Her existence has become one big hot flash inflamed by killer moods. A change meeting seems to give her the escape she's desperate for but at what cost? Accused of murder she finds herself in a jail cell accompanied by her regrets and the gnawing fear that her life may be changed forever. It's a kind of mental pause that Abbie has never imagined, in a story that offers no letup from start to satisfying finish. Change of life anyone? Mental Pause promises to take you way beyond." Stacey Donovan, author/editor,
A 2013 Independent Publisher Book Award Winner!

Soon after the March 8th, 2013 launch, Anne's debut novel, Mental Pause, won an IPPY Award. Mental Pause is available in print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in ebook formats on Kindle and Kobo. Learn more about Anne on her Amazon Author Page.

You can also order a signed PDF from the author. Click here!

Visit the blog Mental Pause - the Novel to read chapter excerpts.

"Astonishingly honest, this novel will take you on a wild ride with its unforgettable protagonist, a woman who is on a journey of shocking self-discovery. A book like 'Mental Pause' is long overdue and I am sure it will speak to millions of women who, like me, identify with its message."
Zvezdana Rashkovich, author, Dubai Wives

"This novel zips along at a cracking pace and is full of fun. I loved it." Jo Parfitt, author and publisher, Summertime Publishing

"Love, attraction, hot flashes, pending empty nest, sizzling nights, shifting identity, the meaning of friendship, surprising twists and missteps galore - it's all here! Anne O'Connell has written a fun debut novel about one menopausal woman's desire to let her hair down, and the trouble that can result."
Linda A. Janssen, author of The Emotionally Resilient Expat
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